Autopia bridges the connectivity gap for advanced mobility

In today’s world of connected and autonomous cars, the demand for fast and reliable network connections is growing. With the behavioral profile of connected cars, typical mobile networks are facing significant challenges to meet these demands, which is severely damaging the growth trajectory of the industry. With Autopia, connectivity problems are a part of the past.

Connectivity Gap

Autopia’s software maximizes a car’s connectivity performance within a given network, and bridges the connectivity gaps for truly connected and reliable mobility.


Autonomous cars are connected over 90% of the time. Mobile devices only 3-7%.


of data is expected to be used by each autonomous car daily


of the drives stay on 2G, while they are in a 3G/4G area


of the time 4G provides low throughput, where they can achieve x20 faster bitrate

Use Cases

Advanced and smart mobility services require a guaranteed, reliable, and continuous level of connectivity. When these basic conditions are lacking, critical tasks can malfunction.

Maximizing Car Connectivity

The Autopia Solution

Using advanced machine-learning algorithms, Autopia actively recommends and selects the best connection available based on running applications.

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